Unbonded Post Tensioning

Unbonded Post-Tensioning

Products and Services for Unbonded Post Tensioning

For unbonded post-tensioning construction, PTC Inc leads the way by providing the highest quality of products in the industry including the GTI Zero Void Anchor system coupled with quality domestic or commercial steel strands. 

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Highlights of Our Unbonded Systems

  • Systems must be designed by an engineer
  • Keep the concrete compressed
  • No cracking
  • Superior anchor systems 
  • Mat slabs
  • 1-way slabs
  • Beams
  • 2-way slabs

What Is Unbonded Post Tensioning?

Unbonded post tensioning is a way to reinforce concrete with high-strength steel strands known as tendons. An unbonded tendon is one in which the pre-stressing steel is bonded to the concrete at the anchorages. The most common unbonded systems are monostrand (single-strand) tendons, which are used in slabs and beams for buildings, parking structures, and slabs-on-ground. 

A monostrand tendon consists of a 7-wire strand that’s coated with a corrosion-inhibiting grease and encased in an extruded plastic protective sheathing. The anchorage consists of an iron casting and a conical, 2-piece wedge that grips the strand.

Tendons are used to provide compressive strength and concrete decks. This is achieved by laying out a network of tendons and then pouring the concrete over them. When the concrete hardens and meets strength requirements, the cables are pulled by a hydraulic jack to hold the anchors in place.
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