Bonded Post Tensioning

 Bonded Post-Tensioning

Bonded Post-Tensioning Job

PTC Inc has supplied materials for a variety of bonded post-tensioning systems. Each project includes calibrated equipment, product certifications, and easy-to-understand installation drawings.

If you’re looking for unistrand, multistrand, flat duct, or round duct materials, contact us today.

Bonded Post-Tensioning Applications

  • Transfer Beams
  • Water tanks and Reservoirs
  • Earthquake Retrofit
  • Special Build Projects 

What Is Bonded Post Tensioning?

Bond and post-tensioning consists of 2 or more steel strands (or tendons) are inserted into a metal or plastic duct embedded in the concrete. Tendons are stressed with a large, multistrand jack and anchored in a common anchorage device. The ducts are filled with a cement-like grout for corrosion protection and to bond tendons to the concrete surrounding the duct. 

This form of post-tensioning is commonly used in bridge superstructures, roadways and cable-stayed bridges. In buildings, they are typically only used in heavily loaded beams such as transfer girders and landscaped plaza decks where the large number of strands needed makes them very economical.   
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