What is Post Tensioning?

Steel cables are used to provide high tensile strength to a slab as the concrete provides the compressive strength. This marriage of two complementing materials is achieved by first laying out a network of cables then pouring the concrete over them. When the concrete hardens and meets certain strength requirements, the cables are pulled by a hydraulic jack to thousands of pounds of pressure then held in place by anchors. This reinforcing system is commonly used on parking garages, sky rises, tanks, bridges, and residential foundations.

PTI Certified Plant

PTC is a certified plant supplier. For certification PTC must supply only the highest quality materials with safe equipment and have the records to back it all up. PTI routinely inspects the PTC plant unannounced to verify the standards are being met. To learn more about the PTI certification program, click on the link below.

GTI Red Zero Void System

PTC obtains mono strand materials from General Technologies which have an exceptional anchoring system with ICBO/ICC approval. This is the Red Zero Void® Fully Encapsulated System with a positive lock tube, no grease required. To learn more about GTI, click on the link below.


Power Team Equipment

PTC provides Power Team Hydraulic rams and pumps, the best equipment available. Each machine is calibrated before delivery. For a demonstration on how to use our equipment, click on the link below.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)

Post tensioning design supports the LEED sustainability goals. Post tension buildings use about 20 to 30 percent less concrete then traditionally reinforced projects. Also post tensioning allows for longer spans between columns and thinner slabs. This creates more daylight and air flow for better indoor environmental quality.  - "PTI Journal, August 2009, V.7, No.1"

PTC can accommodate projects that need a high recycled content by request. At the end of each project, PTC provides a summary of total recycled content of the material supplied along with mileages to originating materials. 

For more information on LEED, click on the link below.


PTC supplies a top of the line system for all bonded projects.

PTC detailers use the latest technology to produce clear concise drawings allowing critical review before construction begins.

PTC can make replacement materials available to jobsites when design changes are needed in the field typically within 24 hours.

PTC is recommended by engineers who design post tension slabs because of the excellent reputation and knowledge of the staff.

From the time PTC was founded, we have provided the highest quality products with unbeatable services at competitive prices.