Monostrand Post Tensioning

PTC leads the way with providing the highest quality products in the industry, such as the GTI Zero Void Anchor system coupled with quality domestic (buy America) or commercial steel strand. Mat slabs, one way slabs, beams, or two way slabs, PTC can supply it all with excellent customer service. The PTC detailers look to find issues before they are brought up in the field to ensure a smooth installation. They are also available by phone to answer any questions from the field and provide solutions in a timely manner.

Barrier Cable

PTC supplies 1/2" galvanized barrier strand, anchorage systems that meet PTI strength standards and detailed drawings describing the installation of the system along with the stressing equipment. PTC President, Dawn Kori, is on the PTI committee for barrier cable and currently developing standards for safer systems. If you are interested in getting more information on barrier cable and the systems we supply, please view our 3 minute barrier cable video or e-mail Dawn Kori.

Consulting & Repairs

PTC finds innovative ways to fix field issues in a timely manner. Let us help you with broken tendons, daylighting anchors, truss repair, or existing building retrofits. Dawn Kori would also be happy to review plans for constructability issues to ensure your project gets off the ground. The picture to the right shows what happens when a cable is drilled through after the slab is complete.


PTC can supply many types of bonded projects, these would include uni-strand, multi-strand, flat duct, and round duct. Each project delivery includes calibrated equipment, product certification, and easy to understand installation drawings.


PTC can include studrail pricing in the bid and coordinate supplying them to project site.